June 21, 2010

I left my heart there

Today has been one of those days.  The kind when my heart feels so heavy.  Not because of anything in my own life.  I am blessed.  I have a beautiful family, a home, a car to drive, food to eat, and a God who loves me more than my heart can comprehend.  All is well.

No, I ache for something else today. Someone else.

I have photos that bring me to tears each and every time I look at them. I struggle to look at them. They take me back to my time in the Ukraine. They take me back just a few short weeks to the days when I walked into my daughter's orphanage to spend time with them.  Those were long weeks.  Now it all feels like a distant memory.

Except for one thing.  There is one thing that is still so fresh in my memory--pictures that haunt me day and night.  I cannot get away from them--no matter how hard I try.  They follow me everywhere. They are etched in my memory forever. These images are my constant reminder of where my Hailee came from...and what she has left behind. What I have left behind.

Their faces.  Their sweet little faces. 

I have put off posting this for a long time.  Mainly because it stirs up so many feelings and emotions in me.  It is hard for me to go back to that room.  It rips my heart out to even think about the other children that still lie there day and night. But so many of you have asked me to share about that room.  And so I must.

I'm not sure how it all works.  There surely must be a time in an orphans life when they are separated into groups of healthy children, those with special needs, and the few with profound needs. Even if you have never been into a third world country orphanage, it goes without saying that NO child deserves to live in a place like that.  But, it is [very sadly] a fact of life.  We live in a fallen world and until Jesus returns to take us home, places like these will exist.

I have noticed that sometimes children with special needs are in the same rooms as healthy children.  Like our Harper--she was in a room with one or two kiddos who had 'needs', but the others were all typically developing children.  Harper got a good deal.  My guess is that the orphanage workers saw that she was developing fairly well, and she got put with the mixed group of children.

Hailee on the other hand was not so fortunate.  I'm sure her development as an infant must have been lagging--a definite red flag for those who make decisions as to which room the children will live in.  The result being that our sweet girl ended up in the place I refer to as that room.  The room for the precious children who have more profound needs--those who struggle more than others. 

It's a heartbreaking place.  I cannot even begin to describe the feelings and emotions that overcame me each day I walked into that horrible room to take my Hailee out of her crib. 

Hailee was one of just six children.  It's hard to tell whether the others are boys or girls.  The children there are dressed in whatever is available on the day, and their hair is kept ultra short for convenience.  Most of you who have journeyed with me throughout this adoption know that Hailee was drugged--day and night.  On the day I met Hailee I was given all her medical information (which was all of two lines), and told that she was on medication for "best sleep".  Um, yeah, the kind that kept her so sedated that she could barely function. A strong tranquilizer for ADULTS. All in the name of "best sleep". Unfortunately, I am sad to tell you that Hailee was not just an isolated case, a child who had behavior problems that justified the drug.  The drug was required for every single child in that room.

The children there cannot function.  They sleep most of their lives away.  They are so sedated that they can barely keep their eyes open, even when they are awake. They merely exist from day to day.

I cried like I have never wept.  Looking at their sweet faces just about killed me.  I was not allowed to pick the children up out of the cribs.  But each day I walked around to each one of those precious souls lying there and gently stroked their faces and rubbed their frail, malnourished bodies.  I longed for them to know the joy of a tender touch.  It was something they knew absolutely nothing about.  Not once in all my weeks of visiting did I see any of these children picked up and loved. Never! Even crying children, longing for arms to hold them, never got picked up and loved. They were taken out of the crib ONLY to be fed and changed. How do I know these things?  Because the Lord gave me a window to see the things He needed me to see.  He allowed my heart to break for the things that break His. Images I cannot escape.

Many, many of you have written to me and asked me about what happened to Hailee here. I could not say anything at the time--our adoption could have been threatened. I still need to be cautious for the sake of other adopting families. I will say that I inquired about what happened.  I wept as I held my daughter that day--in my heart I knew that she had suffered at the hands of those who were meant to care for her, those who were meant to love and protect her.

One day I could not take anymore. I had been there a long time, and the things I saw day after day were beginning to wear me down. I walked into the building and saw that there was a group of Americans working with many of the kids.  They were staff from a clinic that works with children who have special needs here in the USA.  They had taken over wheelchairs, leg braces, and many other kinds of therapeutic things for kids in a few orphanages. They did an incredible job.  It was so amazing to see. I watched them as they fitted child after child with braces. The joy of seeing many of them standing on their legs for the first time was priceless.  I looked for some of the children from Hailee's room--but there were none.  I was later told from my translator that the clinic workers were not allowed to help those kids.

Oh God in heaven, how can it be?  More than most, they need help.  They need braces.  They need to learn how to stand on their own two feet.  They need wheelchairs. Yet, they're the one group not permitted to get the help they so desperately need.  They're the children locked away and forgotten about.

Do you want to see them?  The ones I had to leave behind?  Would you like to see the faces I looked at one last time, turned my back on, and had to walk away from...knowing the life they lead?  The angelic faces I feel so powerless, yet so desperate to help.

Please excuse the bad quality of a few of these pics, they are not the greatest. They were not happy about pictures being taken, so we had to be careful.

The first three pictures are of the same little boy.  He is just as sweet as can be.  I have no idea what his special need is, but of all the children in the room he is the only one who can stand up on his own, holding onto the rail of his crib.  He has such a sweet smile. Loves to smile. Every time I came up to his crib, he raised his arms for me to pick him up.  Oh how I would have loved to cuddle him.

These children know nothing but this life--the lonely existence inside the confines of an old crib.

They lie like this all day long.  Day in, and day out.  Some may have one toy which hangs from their crib, others not. If they are fortunate enough to have one, it is the only stimulation they have.

Oh my goodness, if I could have run out of that place with a third child, this would be him.  This angel boy crept into my heart. Forget the pink, he is a boy. He has Down syndrome and is almost three years old. He cannot weigh more than ten pounds.  He is so totally precious.  He has the biggest blue eyes and is such a beautiful child.

My heart broke in two for this sweet boy.  He is so frail and weak. The reality for all children with special needs in this country is that they remain in a baby house until around their fourth birthday.  They are then transferred to a mental institution.  Conditions there are unimaginable--absolutely horrendous.  Ninety five percent of children with Down syndrome DIE in these heinous places.  They cannot survive the conditions. 

How will this teeny tiny angel survive a mental asylum?  How?  There is no way.  Unless a family comes to adopt him, he will surely die.  My heart cannot comprehend it all.  He is just too sweet for words. He reminds me so much of Hailee.  He too has the bump on his forehead from banging it against the bars of the crib.

This little guy has just been listed on Reeces Rainbow.  He is "Wade" in orphanage 3.

These children wear pajamas all day long--it is all they know. 

The cribs are crammed into a very little room.

They lie there longing for someone to pick them up.

This is no life for a child--any child.  Whether they have 'special needs' or not, NO child deserves this. 

Friends, no amount of words can express how these photos make me feel.  I feel like I left a piece of my heart in that room.  I ache for these children. I long, with everything that is within me, for them to be adopted.  I long for them to experience the life that Hailee now has.  They have to be saved from life in an institution.  They deserve to be given an opportunity to learn and grow and become everything that God has created them to be.  They deserve a family...just like every child.  Every single child in that room can be adopted.

The sad reality is that a foreign adoption is pretty much their only hope. Children with special needs are very rarely adopted by their own people in this country. It's just the way it is.

Some days, like today, I just long to find a solution to the orphan crisis.  I know that so many of you who read my blog feel the same way. It is an overwhelming problem.  I just cannot even imagine how the Lord must weep over what He sees.  I am often tempted to run to the Lord with all of my "why, Lord?" questions...

"Why are the so many orphans?"

"Why are there not more families rushing to adopt them?"

"Why do the children have to suffer while they wait?"

"When are things going to change?"

"Can't you just do something about it, Lord?"

But I don't ask anymore.  My answer from heaven is always the same...

"What are YOU going to do about it, Adeye?"


Molly said...

Is that first little boy adoptable? I want to find him a family!!!!!!!!!!! I am saving his picture. His face has touched me.

Anonymous said...

My heart stopped when I saw the photos. I know it did. God bless you for being their voice. Prayers being said,


Tara said...

oh, adeye, my heart breaks for these children....at the same time i am glad that i don't see "nikita" in this room. did you get to see him at all? he is on the r.r. site (orphanage number 3).

oh, i am so sad for these angels...thank you for sharing your heart and these pics.


Lisa S. said...

Whenever I feel overwhelmed and scared about this whole adoption thing...this crazy process to rescue our Yana, it is things like this that make me realize that I must go on. God bless you Adeye.

Katie said...

My heart aches for children left without someone to teach them, hold them, care for them, but most importantly, love them.

I truly admire you. I admire your strength and faith and determination. Your journey inspires me.

WheresGod said...

WOW!!!! I want all of those little ones too. I know it's very difficult, maybe even impossible, to adopt in some places, but that's what I'm going to do. I don't want to be married, but I WANT a child with needs! I need a degree and steady job, and I will find a way to adopt a child! Would it be wrong if I adopted without being married? Meaning, would it be okay if the child didn't have a father? I would ensure there were plenty of Godly male role models. Thank you for facing your fears and opening your heart here on your blog. You have touched many lives, and will continue to.

Holly said...

There are almost no words after reading and seeing something like that. Sweet Jesus, come quickly. And until you do, help us to do what you have asked us to do.

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Oh Adeye,

Thanks for sharing the burden on your heart. I'm also haunted by those left behind in my son's orphanage in Guatemala--a place that looks like heaven compared to "that room" that Hailee came from.

The photos are difficult to look at. I can't imagine seeing those faces firsthand. Thanks for shining light into that dark room.
Thanks for your obedience to adopt a precious treasure that many had already given up on. May God inspire others to do the same through your testimony.

Much Love,

Karin said...

Oh Adeye...what a heartbreak. I was in a similar place in Guatemala. Their little wasted bodies and vacant eyes still pierce my heart. The smell of the place will never be forgotten. The children were drenched--lying in their own urine. It was so horrible. There are families who want to adopt some of the kids but it's not allowed in Guat. right now. I just keep praying that God will open the doors again.
I hope someone will come forward for the precious children, whose faces you have shown. Thank you for advocating for those who cannot.

kiwicpk said...

Ohh so very heartbreaking.... how can we help? any and all of us....Id love to adopt, but our laws here in NZ are not easy, or id have to find out more.

Im going to donate as much a month as I can, and when my business is up and running (im a photographer) im going to do a monthly donation.

but is there anything else we can do?

Erin (andforallthis) said...

i know this is really random, but may i ask what drugs they had her on? for some reason i am really curious.

those photos are heartbreaking.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Heartbreaking. I have a pretty good guess on the first little boys diagnosis. Since it is just an (educated) assumption I should not post it here tho.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thank you for this post. I've been waiting for it. I knew it would be written some day.

My heart aches. I just cannot fathom the fact that the adults in that country would not see anything wrong with "that room". How can they be so blind to the children?

While you cannot bring home every child that you saw, I hope and pray that others will read your blog and step up to the call of God.

I am pondering a post, that will link to this. I'll let you know when it is written.

Praying for your Mama's Heart tonight ... Oh my! I cannot imagine walking out of that room each day, having been told I could not pick up those children. But ... you did give them a glimpse of love. You did give them your gentle touch. I know that the Lord used you to speak to their little hearts. I'm sure of it.

Blessings to you, and the 2 precious angels that you were able to bring home.

Laurel :)

Caroline said...

Adeye, this is heartbreaking.... Thank you for sharing this with us and for advocating for the children left behind.... And please keep us updated if they are adopted... You touch so many hearts, surely some of them will consider giving these precious children a home!


hartelijk said...

Oh dear preciuos "Wade", thogether with "Nikita" would be just such an adoring "twin-set" as your baby's are...

I'm hurting for these boys too,
i will pray!!!

There is so much to do, so many of them, i have a hard time not to get overwelmed...
please Lord Jesus send us to the children you have destined for us, and may many of your children open their homes and chase after these pearls!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while but never commented before. No blog has ever made me cry like yours do. My heart ache for these little ones. God bless you for what you do, you are truely an inspiration.

Mari, from Norway

dziagwaincrease said...

Oh how I love sweet "wade"! I had him posted on my blog a while back. I think he and "lindsey" would make a great pair! *wink* my heart is so torn for our next child(ren) after Mayah is home. Thank you for sharing. It NEEDS to get out and move in the hearts of people to empty THAT room and all others!
*Tammy (RR)

Susan A said...

Thank you for sharing, Adeye, we needed to know, they just can't be hid away. What I don't understand is, why wouldn't the orphanage directors let volunteers come in and play with the children? Hug them, take them outside? Why wouldn't they let you hug them??

Perhaps they are trying to give them less stimulation so that they won't know what they're missing and suffer much less... if they let volunteers hug them, then if the volunteers don't come any more, then the children might get upset and pine for more attention, so that's why they tried to give them the least attention possible? Just trying to understand why they do it that way, trying to make sense of it all. It is still wrong, though, I agree with you. All child, every child, needs loving attention, just like us when we were children.

What worried me was the little boy (the same boy you had three pictures taken of, the one smiling and with sad eyes...) he was already standing and looking around, he NEEDS to get out of there! (just as every child needs to) Imagine just standing, stuck in a crib, looking around, day in and day out... little boys like him need to enjoy outside, strech their legs running, laughing, being at the beach... wish I can do something about it!!!!!

Angie said...

What a moving post, and photos to be etched in our minds. I pray that you're not "preaching to the choir" but that someone here will read this, and the Holy Spirit will move in their hearts to adopt one of these children. Thanks for sharing something that is obviously so painful.

Carla said...

Thank you so much for sharing their story. I am going to share your post everywhere I can today. I think some of us have no idea what some children in our world go through just to survive from day to day. A lot of people do not realize that children in other countries can be discarded so easily. It just breaks my heart. Thank you again for raising awareness and for following God's calling for your family! You are an inspiration.

Aus said...

Good morning Adeye - I hope that having shared some you feel a tad lighter...but knowing you I somehow think not....

I share your questions and your grief - I have a long list of things that I hope to discuss with the Father one day - not that He has to 'answer' for them - but I sure would like a little of His undertanding imparted unto me!!

The hardest thing that I had to learn in my field is 'we can't save them all' - the reality is that there will 1) always be victims, and 2) while everytime we stop one we save countless other victims - we never really know how many. But still - we toil on - and we do what we can for our respective pieces of the world....and hope and pray that there will be others to follow after us.

Thanks for loving - and hugs

aus and co.

Aus said...

PS - isn't it amazing how many things like you have experienced that we adoptive families will 1) know, 2) carry close to our hearts, and 3) remain silent about so as to protect the process for the families that follow us?

If you'd like to share your story privately (for sake of knowing that at least one other person in the world knows) feel free to reach out off blog - be happy to listen! I've got a couple I'd be happy to share with you too!

hugs - aus and co.

Anonymous said...

I am burdened, same as you. Some nights I cannot sleep for knowing that something needs to be done for all of these sweet children. I talked to an adoption agency Friday here in TX. I was told that children with special needs here end up in the same type of places. I guess I thought the US was not that way. Sadly, it is. I have a daughter with Down syndrome and so many of the children on Reece's Rainbow look like her.

How do you deal with the sadness? That is my question of the day. I know that something needs to be done. What? I pray each day about these very things.

You are a special lady. What you and your family have done to save Hailee and Harper...the heartache that you have experienced. You have to know that you have done what God wanted! I am so thankful for you and your example.
Tina in TX

Julia Wittenhagen said...

I feel so called to adopt one of these little ones. But currently am unable to adopt overseas, due to a medical condition. I wish they would change some of the laws that hinder healthy americans from adopting these children just because they are on medication to prevent the medical condition from coming back...I will definately pray for these children and the laws that would enable more people like me to adopt them.

Linnea said...

Oh my heart aches for them too. God has given me a heart for the Ukraine. We just finished a domestic adoption of a special needs child but in my soul I know I am not finished. My son has feeding issues as well as other things but when I feed him my mind always go to the Ukraine and to Russia and how they feed their babies and I tell our Noah how blessed he is to live in this country. I can not bare to think of what would have happened had he been over there. I will pray for the children and spread the word. Be blessed

Joanne said...

How terribly sad Adeye and to think that Haillee used to be one of those children and now she is part of a wonderful family!! Those memories cant be easy for you to forget but your messages are so powerful that you will continue to plant the seed of adoption! Lots of love x

Sally-Girl! said...


What a gift you are to those children in "that" room and all those rooms around this world. Our friends and families need to see what we are talking about when we have seen third world orphanages and the realities behind the walls. You just have the courage to post about it! How can one not see these photos and not want to help? You have given faces to the children of "that" room. My prayer is that our Father will be able to convict the hearts of others through this heart wrenching real post!

This post will push me through the anxiety I have leaving my children today to travel to bring another orphan home to our forever family!

love you,

Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing your heart, for sharing the burden.I am so sorry your heart is still breaking...I understand.
Thank you for giving these children a voice when they have none.
Praying for you and these beautiful children.

Julie said...

My heart breaks for the ones left behind... : ( I still see the sweet faces of the ones we saw on a daily basis in Ukraine, and it's been almost a year now. Those precious little ones... I pray their families will soon realize their lives aren't complete without them.

andrea said...

I leave for Ukraine in 5 weeks to spend at least 6 months volunteering with children in orphanages over there. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face as I'm reminded why I'm going. I am praying that God opens up opportunities for me to love "those" kids, to work in rooms just like "that" room. Can I link to your post on my blog? It's time for all of our eyes to be opened.
5 weeks can't come fast enough...

Lacey said...

Oh Adeye, you make me want to add another child to my Joy! Our paperwork will be submitted tomorrow and we hope to travel soon. But I will have to remember orphanage 3, as I know we will be adopting again in a year or so. I wish I could rescue Wade right now, but that would mean postponing my Joy coming home, and she desperately needs out to. I hope this post will push more people to consider adopting with RR, these sweet children need us!

ginaology said...

Dearest Adeye,
How difficult for you to see this, & more so for the children to live it. God had a purpose in showing you these things. Thank you for obeying Him & speaking up & for being these little ones' voice. You are truly doing His work in so many ways.
You are an inspiration to me & have helped strengthen my faith.
May Jesus Himself comfort your heart & wrap Himself around these little sweethearts.
Blessings upon your whole family,
with love from the Black Hills of SD,

Chris and Sarah said...

Oh Adeye, I could grab that first little boy up in a second!

So anyway....God has not put us in a position to adopt yet BUT I am soooo excited that God has given us a way to help others adopt now.

I don't know if you know this since your life has been a little crazy but I have an Etsy shop now that I let adoptive families fundraise through and I would love to help anyone out that is in the process of adopting. So send people my way and let me help them get their babies home.

I'm so glad those babies got some Adeye love!!!

Thanks for sharing your heart and the reality. I pray your post breaks the hearts of some that will start the adoption process.

Gary and Michelle said...

My heart also breaks for the simple need of a family for these children.

Thank you for being a voice for them.

Please be praying that I may return to the States soon so that we can pursue our next adoption.


Chris and Mary Malone said...

The enormity of what we have seen haunts our waking and sleeping too. It's always there. Pushing us to do something. Thank you for posting this.

Milena said...

Such a heartbreaking post. I'm so so sorry for those precious children left behind in that room. And how very sad that sweet Hailee suffered from abuse :-( Thank you for sharing, Adéye, I didn't want to be able to say "I didn't know". I so hope those children too will find families through RR, families with big loving hearts like yours!

Kim Jensen said...

My heart breaks also. I pray for all those babies! We are adopting from Bulgaria and are in the process but I am feeling a tug in my heart to bring one of those babies home also. God bless you!!

Holly said...

Weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn. How can our hearts NOT be moved?
What do we do my friend? What IS the answer??
There are so many obstacles...health, finances...the costs are daunting as you well know...of course God is more than able to MOVE mountains.
I ask myself almost daily what is the Lord asking of me? We are on a different path right now...one we are certain God placed us on...but why oh why are those kiddos always in my heart, on my mind, even in my dreams? The HIV angels are my heartbeat...many of them also suffer from FAS. Their futures bleak.
Jesus...show us...speak Lord...your servants are listening!

Katrina said...

I feel sick so broken for the children I can not even think how you must feel. God gave you a window to see these children so you could tell others. so many parents don't even get to look at the other children when they go to adopt let alone touch them. God gave you this for a reason and though your heart breaks for them something good is going to come thru this. you may not ever even know what it is but just know this window God gave you was a gift.
I pray he gives me a window when we go to get our little guy.

Cristina said...

Thank you SO much for sharing this. I'm sure it must have been incredibly hard for you but I think the world needs to know what happens to some of the sweet little ones who are labeled as 'severe special needs.' It breaks my heart that all the children are drugged as surely if they weren't drugged they would be able to do SO much more! I wish the orphanage would have at least allowed the children to be seen by the medical team visiting. They needed the help just as much, if not more, than the children who were helped.
I wonder if the orphanage director or workers could see pictures of Hailee and see how she has blossomed in a family if it would change how they treat the precious little ones left in "that room". Maybe if there is another family adopting from that orphanage they would be willing to take some photos to show the director. One can only hope and pray that if they were to realize the potential each and every one of those children has they would treat them differently.
This story reminds me of something else as well. One day as I was looking through the Other Angel listings on RR I cam across a boy who actually has the SAME condition that I have in addition to a few other needs. He will also be transfered to a mental institute when he turns four. It breaks my heart that while I deal with the condition daily, I'm able to attend college and lead a normal life, yet this sweet boy will be sent to a mental institute. If I was old enough I would adopt him myself.

Please let us know if any of the other children from that room are listed on RR or if there is anything else that we can do for them (other than praying that is).


schoolmother said...

Thanks for sharing. These pictures really touch my heart. I hope all of them end up being adopted.

4 boys in AZ. said...

Oh, be still my heart! The pictures of these sweet children are just heartbreaking. Thank-you for being the voice for these children, Adeye. The picture of Wade, from this post, is now on the RR website.

Susan A said...

I like what Cristina suggested... your before and after photos of Hailee... to show the orphanage directors and pray that their hearts be melted and they realise, really realise that the special needs children *are* normal and it's just the orphanage setting and the drugs which robs them so much of what they can be.

Nicole A. said...

Thank you for sharing your heart! I just cannot imagine the lives of those precious kiddos! What really strikes me is that first beautiful little boy - after all he has probably gone through, he still raises his arms to you, his spirit is still there, he still has hope. I will pray for them all ... God's most precious babies! Thank you for raising awareness, and for caring about the children that have been forgotten and discarded, when no one ever ever should be!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

My Girls R Angels said...


This is the group that was in your daughter's orphanage that day. I also follow their blog. What a coincidence! I shared your blog post with them so now they know of that room and hopefully will be able to visit with those children next time.

Anonymous said...

Oh this post...was on my mind all night and as I woke up this morning. My hart is so heavy right now. I need to do something. I cant imagine the life they have when all they know is a life in a crib. This hurts my hart to know this is happening! heartbreaking!

Thank you for this post!

ManyBlessings said...

Just crying as I read this.

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...


Forgive my ignorance in asking this, but I was wondering why all these children aren't listed somewhere on RR or another adoption photolisting? Praise God, that Wade is there but how can people get more information on all the children from Hailee and Harper's orphanage? Why is it some are listed and others aren't?

I see photos from parents' adoption trips. They cry out for people to help particular children who touched their hearts. Is there a resource for adoptive parents to list/advocate for those left behind? Does an agency first have to choose to represent that child? I'd actually be willing to start a "Left Behind" website so people could share photos and stories in an effort to find them homes.

I'd be grateful for any insight.


Pam said...

I have only recently found your blog, and now I don't even remember how. How my heart broke with your post. I cried myself out last night, so much that I scared my husband with my tears. It's been over 3 years since we saw a room like this during our trip to our Indian son. All of the kids in there were older and severe special needs. They were not confined to a bed though, yet the room was windowless and so heartbreaking. I remember each face, and it was months before they stopped appearing before my eyes every night as I tried to sleep. We were in process for a 2nd adoption when my husband lost his job and our financial world crumbled around our ears. This is the issue I struggle with the most. How my heart longs to add more children to our family, the ones who are waiting....yet we don't have the resources or the support we need. I have tried to raise awareness through my blog, but it's mostly preaching to the choir there. Oh that we could do something more. Show me what Lord. Show me. I'm listening.
Momma to Micah from India

Anonymous said...

We are in the process of a foster to adopt situation for a sibling group of 3, two with medical needs. However our heart has always been to adopt child with Down's. I have been reading your blog for a month or so now. My husband and I see the pictures of your beautiful angels and weep with joy. Today I saw Wade. I e-mailed about him. We are praying that God would give us direction and that if Wade is not who God has for us that his forever family will rescue him soon! Sarah K

Merrill said...

I started reading your blog right after you got home with Hailee and Harper. This post has haunted my thoughts for the past two days. As a momma and a teacher...my heart breaks for these children. I long to adopt again, but as a single mom, my financial resources as well as my options are extremely limited. I can commit to praying for these children though--that they might find the love and tender nurturing that every child deserves and needs!

Annette said...

I'm wondering how the orphanage staff might respond if they saw these new photos of Hailee and Harper. I wonder if some of the workers in the orphanage at some point chose this career because they truly had a heart to love orphans. I wonder what it would be like to work in similar countries and be told by supervisors to not touch the kids. I wonder what it might look like to show the people in charge of the orphanages how much God loves them and the kids they care for. I wonder how a worker might keep her heart from becoming hardened to the plight of these precious children -- especially seeing them day after day, more being admitted all the time, needing a job to feed your own family, and feeling the immense pressure to submit to your supervisor's decrees. My heart hurts for the children and also for the workers. To imagine each orphanage worker's story being redeemed by God and seeing that affect the lives of the orphans . . . that too would be beautiful beyond words.

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

Not everyone is called or able to adopt, for many reasons, but just like you said Adeye, God DOES expect each of us to do SOMETHING. Even if you can't personally bring one of these children into your home, you can advocate for them with your friends and family, you can use Facebook, you can DONATE for their adoption grant, or you can just pray! It all helps and it all counts. Both of these children have now been posted on Reece's Rainbow, so they are now eligible for grant donations and adoption through our ministry. www.reecesrainbow.org

Anonymous said...

Adeye - I saw Wade on Reece's Rainbow a week or two ago when he first appeared on there and oh how my heart ached for him. The zoned out look and the knowledge of why he looked that way were almost too much to bear. Now to know that he is in "that room" and the unimaginable condition he is in, I am simply heartbroken. If we were in a position to adopt, and if I could, I'd fly over there and pick up that sweet angel tomorrow. I will be praying every day for his forever family to find him soon. Please God bring Wade his family FAST!

MamaPoRuski said...

I just caught up on your posts, and as always praying that God would use me to help one more orphan...just one more...but am thankful so many of your contacts have stepped up, some for the first time. All of us together, continuing to speak up and reach out can and will make a difference in these places! May God Bless your work and continue to bring a return on the seeds you've sown!

Qadoshyah said...

Seeing the face of all these babies is heartbreaking. But, when I saw Wade I couldn't hold the tears back. He is adorable and unbelieveably small. He needs to be rescued. Our family would adopt him in a heartbeat, but I don't think we qualify for Ukraine adoptions. Such a shame and a bummer that the adoption requirements and strings are so difficult, since there are so many people who would adopt if it wasn't so strick on family size, how much money is made, etc.

Queen Lucy said...

Those photos touched my heart. I am only a teenager, but I feel the need to help those poor little abandoned children.

G-Zell said...

This post has hit me straight in the core of my heart. I post on my blog each week regarding Reece's Rainbow's Angel of the week. I just recently posted about wade and another child who are sedated... I haven't been able to sleep. I cried, I balled, I felt like throwing up. IT so upset me and now seeing this pictures.... I feel so motivated to do more.

Thank you for sharing.

TanyaLea said...

oh Adeye...thank you for sharing what God has burdened your heart with concerning THAT room! My heart just ACHES for those children...and SO many more just like them. I cannot imagine such conditions. We never experienced anything even remotely like that with our adoption journey, so it is so eye-opening to see the darker side. I thank you for being a VOICE for these children and raising awareness.... an awareness so deeply needed. God bless you, Adeye... I will be praying along side you! <><

Keely Wilson Guthery said...

Thank you for the bravery to post this; it brings to mind the quote "May our hearts be broken by the things that break the heart of God". I can't imagine what it would feel like to walk through that room even once, see those faces, and then be forced to walk away. I hope you don't mind that I linked this post in my blog. It has influenced me so profoundly that I wish everyone would read it.

Anonymous said...

Great entry. Anticipating the next.

Sarah said...

I know about those rooms and it haunts me. I lived in Russia when I was young and visited an orphanage as a baby holder. Now that I'm a mom I wish I would have gone every weekend to hold them. I blogged about it here after meeting Patti...


Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

God Bless you for this post & for sharing. It is a big eye opener and breaks my heart as a mother. I will be saying lots of prayers for these children to find forever homes!

Tossells said...

Adeye, do you know who the little boy is in the yellow pajamas with brown hair (the last 2 pictures)? Please email me at: tossellfamily@yahoo.com if you know anything about him! Thanks!