November 21, 2012

with reckless abandon!

As I sit here on the eve of Thanksgiving, I am once again reminded of how very much there is to be thankful for.

Today, I am so, so thankful for these families--over 200 of them who are chasing after the things of God with RECKLESS ABANDON!

I have sat reading through stories in tears--so deeply touched by the journeys each one of them have taken to rescue a child.  I have been reminded once again that obedience requires sacrifice...every single time!

Following the call of God on our lives is never easy.  But how absolutely worth it it is!

These families represent literally hundreds and hundreds of children from all over the world.

Children who were once orphans...

But now have families to call their own.

Children who were once lost.

But are now found....

...just as we once were before the Father reached down from heaven and called us to Himself....ADOPTED!

Adoption IS God's heart!  I hope that you too will be blessed this Thanksgiving as you read through some of these stories of courage in the face of adversity, passionate love for children before they had even met them, and reckless abandon to follow the call of the Father--no matter how difficult the journey got!

Thank you each and every family who added your story to that post.  I am so thankful for your willingness to stand with me and shout it from the rooftops..."OUR CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING FROM THE LORD!"

I am so thankful for these families who never gave up on their children.  What a beautiful picture of God's love for us...

He NEVER gives up on His children.

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