December 23, 2012

a winner--and prayers urgently needed

Update 8:30pm CST Ethan Shpak is undergoing surgery RIGHT NOW to put him on the ECMO machine.  Doctors have said this is his only hope.  His family are completely broken, but trusting with everything they have for a miracle for their sweet son.  Please, please storm heaven on behalf of this little lovie tonight!

Update 11pm:  Hallelujah! An update from Ethan's mommy, "Ethan made it through surgery. The ECMO is in place. From here out it is going to take him a while to recover from surgery. We are on our knees praying that this works. His blood gas levels MUST improve in order for this to be successful. This is the VERY last thing they are able to do for Ethan. It is completely out of our hands and into GOD's. We are clinging to the prayers, love and encouragement that surrounds us." 


Thank you so much to all of you who have given so sacrificially to Village of Hope, Guatemala over the last few weeks.  No words can express how much it means to me and to the precious missionaries who are serving the people in that nation.

So far we have raised more than $13,000 toward the first house they need to build.  How good is the Lord?  How faithful are His people?

Generated by, the winner of the 48 hour giveaway is Koralyn Driskill.  Get in touch with me at, Koralyn, so that we can get your wonderful items to you. 

Also, I cannot leave tonight before asking you all to please, please keep sweet Ethan, about whom I shared last night, in your prayers.  I just read this update from a friend of the family...

"The doctors are saying that Ethan's only hope is that the ECMO will work. Without it, they are saying that he will not make it. The problem with the ECMO is that the last TWO YEARS of all that they have done to make sure his esophagus works and all that he has gone through will be completely destroyed.....his esophagus will be ruined." 

Ethan has spent 29 months of his short life in the hospital.  He has overcome so very much.

This time, his only hope is a miracle!

Oh, God in heaven!  We trust and believe that You are able to give this little boy a miracle this Christmas.  We cry out for mercy and ask that You would touch those places in his tiny body that so desperately need a touch from YOU, the HEALER!

You, Lord Jesus, are able!

 Picture from Ethan's mommy's blog.

Breaks my heart. Please pray, Church!

You can read Ethan's story here.

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