December 11, 2012

before and after

Almost two weeks ago I shared an urgent prayer request with you all.  

We trusted.  We stretched our faith to believe that God could heal sweet Henry.

But the Father decided that He needed this little boy with Him--healed, whole, and waiting for the day when his earthly family will join him there.

I have been so inspired by Henry's mom.  

I have watched Carla love Henry with all of her heart since bringing him home just fourteen months ago.

And I have watched her give her son back to the Lord...with all of her heart.

I was so deeply touched by a blog post Carla wrote a few days ago. 

You see, too often I get so caught up in my own hurts, my struggles, and the injustices I see every day.  I despair--when I should trust God more.  I question--when I should surrender. 

And then there are people like these.  

The ones who give so sacrificially out of their pain which my human heart cannot fathom. 

I have much to learn.


Before and After

Shared by Henry's mom, Carla

One of the most surprising things to my family and I as we mourn Henry is how stark the division has become for so many things in our life.

Yesterday as I was driving my son back to college I thought, "The last time I drove Luke back to U of I, Henry was waiting for me to come home."

As my husband watched football Sunday afternoon he thought, "This is the first Bears game without Henry with us."

This morning as the alarm on my phone sounded to remind me to take Henry to therapy I thought, "I will have to cancel all 4 of the alarm reminders on my phone since we will not be going to therapy or having therapists come here any more."

A stark dividing line.

Before and After.

Before - Henry with us.

After - Henry not with us.

So it is easy to fall into the mindset that "before" is good and "after" is bad.

But what about this....?

Before - Henry abandoned in an orphanage crib.

After - Henry our beloved son and baby brother.

Or this.....?

Before - Henry with Larsen's Syndrome here on earth.

After - Henry perfect in heaven.

God takes ALL THINGS and makes them new.

He can take our worst pains and tragedies and turn them to joy through people who listen to His promptings and act as His hands to those in need...

Like all of you did for me and my family.

Through the almost 200 comments on my blog post that Henry had gone to his heavenly home...

Through a wall of light and love on my FB page that my husband and I wept over at midnight after Henry's wake...

Though teary eyes mamas and dads who brought their babies and children to say good-bye...

Through flowers and food and donations sent from close friends and even strangers... From my next door neighbor to a priest from Great Britain who I have no idea how he found Henry's blog...

Before - we were gratefully accepting help to pay for Henry's funeral and his final medical costs...

After - through your generous hearts, we have enough to pay for these...

And some left over to bless others.

We will be donating to the Village of Hope in Guatemala, where a brave family has moved their many children to care for orphans (international adoptions are not allowed from there) and the hungry, especially those with special needs. You can read more and make a tax deductible donation HERE:

Our family will be donating 7 bricks ($25 each) - one for each of our precious children, including Henry.

Please ask if you can help to build this House for Life - for those precious children who have no chance at an "after" with a loving family like Henry had for 14 months.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Would you please prayerfully consider being a part of a Christmas miracle for Village of Hope--Guatemala?

We have raised 25% of what they need to build the first home for children who have special needs. That's such a huge blessing.

I am so thankful to each and every person who has sown such precious seed into this ministry.

Some out of their pain.

Some out of the loss.

Some in remembrance of loved ones now dancing in heaven.

Some out of their abundance.

And some out of their absolute lack.

Every dollar given as unto the LORD!

Go here to read about how we're giving back this Christmas--and how you can help too.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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