January 16, 2013

he belongs

He was the third child to ever be listed for adoption in Bulgaria.

A little boy who was just three years old when he was made available for adoption to international families.

For almost six years he has waited...

And waited.


...he belongs.

This little heart has finally found a home.

We're counting our blessings and thanking the Father for another precious, precious gift...our first adopted son.

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."  ~~ John 14:18


Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! :'D Praying!

Lauren aheartforadoption.wordpress.com

MamaV said...

That picture gave me chills. Congratulations again!

Ladyblog said...

PTL!!!! I'm so happy Kael belongs!! Tears as usual!! He is such a blessing.

darci said...

beautiful boy. love this picture. a picture of a little boy safe and secure in his mommy's arms. praying for you all