January 18, 2013

no time to update

Sorry, I know I promised an update on Hasya but it has been a challenging day and I have run out of time.  We're packing and getting ready to fly out very early in the morning.  I will share once we are home.

Please pray for Hasya in the next 48 hours.  She is really struggling and I cannot even begin to imagine how hard the long journey home is going to be for her!

Thanks!  Your prayers mean the world to me.

8 sweet thoughts from friends:

Anonymous said...

Praying!! <3


Anonymous said...

Praying, Adeye!
God of Glory, thank YOU for holding Hasya in the palm of your hand, for hiding her under your wing. Thank you for filling the planes with Your people,who will minister grace and love to Hasya, Kael, Adeye and her oldest two sons. Thank you for smooth flights, for helpful flight attendants, and compassionate airline employees. Infuse the Salems with YOUR strength and energy. They are YOUR children who shine like lights in this crooked and depraved generation. Thank You for how they cling to YOUR WORD OF LIFE. Blessings upon blessings uoon them, Jesus. Make it so that this is an amazing quick trip home. Fast forward these five beloved ones HOME. In Jesus' name, amen

Anonymous said...

Prayers being said for your intentions.

Ruthanne said...

Praying in Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Praying for peace, trust, and well-being for your beautiful new daughter, both during your trip home and afterwards.

Thank you so much for adding Hasya to your family.

Susan in Ky
Cousin to 2 from EE

Monica said...

Wishing you a safe and uneventful journey home!


Lisa said...

Praying for your sweet girl and the rest of you on your journey home!

Lisa said...

Praying for your sweet girl and the rest of you on your journey home!

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