January 17, 2013

sharing kael

This will be a quick update because I am beyond exhausted, but wanted to share my precious boy Kael with you all.  Tomorrow I will post an update on Hasya and how things are going--it has been such a difficult week of adjustments for our sweet little teenager.

So from the moment that he saw us in the orphanage yesterday, Kael has clung onto either me, Connor, or Kellan!  I am absolutely astounded at how God has prepared his sweet heart for this transition.

He came to us ready and eager for his new life.

A life away from the prison he called home.

He loves, loves, loves his big brothers.

And knows that he belongs with us.

I cannot even think about how good God has been without getting all teary.

This little guy, who waited for so long to be chosen, is soaking up every love, every cuddle, and every kiss we give him.  He is making up for the lost years.

His life has been redeemed!

And I am quite sure that he knows it!

He's a little guy.  Kael will be nine in April but wears a size 3/4T.

Honestly, we were shocked when we changed his clothes yesterday.  He is absolutely emaciated. But given the way he loves food and wants to eat all the time, I know that it won't be long before he is healthy and strong!  The boy will be joining his brothers in eating me out of house and home very soon.

He's curious.

And so funny.  We have laughed so hard at the cutest things he does.

He has A LOT of institutional behaviors--much like our Hailee.

We see so many similar characteristics to Hailee and Harper.

Yet, he is just Kael!  Created in the image of a Father in heaven who adores him...

...and graciously brought him into our family at such a time as this.

He does all things well, my God!

What a little treasure we have been blessed with!

I know that so many people are afraid to adopt the older children--especially those who have been transferred to mental asylums (I was too!).

Kael is living proof that there IS hope for these wounded children.  They are longing to be loved and held and never let go!

They are longing for family and someone to give them a chance at life!

The Lord has been so good to us here.  As tired as I am and as challenging as it has been to keep Hasya comfortable, His peace which passes all understanding is tangible--gently leading and guiding me in all things and in all decisions that need to be made.

Many have written to ask me how Connor and Kellan are doing.  They have been an unbelievable blessing to me.  My boys are growing into young men and I could not be prouder of the way they have handled things this week.  They are constantly asking me, "Mom, what can I do to help you?" and have such a heart to serve in any way they can.  It has not been an easy week, but they too are seeing God's faithfulness to meet us around every bend and corner.  This has truly been an incredible experience for both of them.   I am so glad that God put it on my heart to bring them as my traveling companions and extra hands here.  They have blessed me abundantly and my relationship with both of them has deepened.

We leave very early on Saturday morning but I will definitely update on Hasya tomorrow.  Thank you for your continued prayers for her--as we expected, it has been very hard on her.


Sabrina said...

It was such a blessing to meet you and your beautiful children at the embassy today. I will pray for all of you on that long trip home.

Rebecca said...

We are here, praying you home... Loving the updates.

Anonymous said...

Blessed to be a tiny part of your life. So blessed to know of your family!

Anonymous said...

He's too cute!! Can't believe a sweet smile like that waited so long for a home. Most of all, praise god you get to see that smile everyday!! I'm jealous!!

darci said...

ahh. I am sitting here crying. what a beautiful post. it is amazing how much Kael looks SO MUCH like his older brothers in these pictures! So glad your boy-men ;) are there to help you with the load...God constantly amazes me at how mature our kids can be and how much we can depend on them and lean on them. Praying for each of you and looking forward to each update. Thanks for letting us all in on the journey. Darci