February 11, 2013

beauty is rising

God truly does.

Make ALL things...


In His perfect time.

Learning to touch.

And be touched.

It's a beautiful thing.

"I will not leave you fatherless."  ~~ John 14:18


Lisa said...

Just precious!

Judy Deaton said...

BEAUTIFUL! BLESS her little heart:). And you for listening to the call!

Lourens said...

Hi Adeye,

Just want to know if you have ever heard of Leslie and Eric Ludy?

They have Ellerslie (bible school) and have both written numerous books on purity and the Deeper Christian Life. They are also advocators of adoption.

Leslie has a online website called "Setapartgirl".

Thought you might enjoy looking them up.

Love from South Africa, In Christ,