February 6, 2013

blossoming beauty

I shared this photo on Facebook this week.

So many people wrote to tell me how big Harper has gotten.

She really is growing and blossoming.

It seems that all of a sudden she is growing in leaps and bounds.

She is so eager to learn new things.  And her speech is improving daily.  With the help of her OT, her fine motor skills are improving greatly.

Harper is our little sponge.

Who has her big siblings wrapped around her little finger, I might add.

I mean really, who can possibly say no to this face?

These pictures were taken spontaneously because as soon as she sees the camera, she has to be in the picture.

She's got the posing thing perfected (walking in Daddy's footsteps).

Harper is our resident budding artist--who thinks that walls and her face are there to be adorned with every color of the rainbow.  Permanent marker being her writing object of choice!

She's our dancer--moves and grooves to any kind of music.

She loves bath time and detests having her hair brushed--poses a slight problem as her hair is now very long.

She's determined and feisty--if there's something she does not like, we hear all about it.  She fully believes in freedom of expression.

She can bend in half!

She raids the pantry.

Her favorite words are stop, go and NO (with appropriate hand actions).

Loves (no, LOVES!) food.  Leave your plate on the table and she will gladly finish whatever is left over.

Barney is her best bud.

Harper is no longer our baby girl.

She's our busy, curious, active five year old who is learning new things every single day.

We simply cannot imagine life without Harper in it.

She just makes life so much sweeter.

By the way, if anyone has some fabulous solution to keeping newly graduated little ones INSIDE a big girl bed, I'd love to hear.  Harper definitely thinks that beds are there to be climbed out of.  We put her to bed at night and come back later to find her in everyone else's bed but her own.  We have found her asleep on the floor, in the closet, on the sofa...and anywhere else she can lay her weary head down--she's not picky.  Yes, it's quite adorable, but getting her to sleep when she should be going to sleep would be fabulous. 

No words can express what a sweet little blessing this lovie is in our lives!  A precious gift.


CJ said...

I would often find Em under her bed or wherever else she chose to sleep! I considered getting her one of those tent beds, but she outgrew it!

MamaV said...

She looks like you! Thanks for sharing this on your blog; I am not on facebook and I have enjoyed getting to know your family through this blog. Hasya's story is especially important to me. I am "Garnet's"hopeful future mom :-)


The Arnold Family said...

She reminds me so much of our Lane. Their personalities seem to be so much alike. :)

Jessica said...

Have you tried using a Barney pillowcase and/ or sheets? Maybe if her bed was extra special in some way she would want to stay in it :)

Laurie Hebbe said...

Adeye, She is a beauty... what an amazing transformation! Whatever the Lord does, He does it well!!

my little guy made a card for Haysa but we didn't get it sent out before she came home....can we still send?


Kristi Mikle said...

I absolutely LOVE following your blog! Do you have a Facebook page I can follow too?

Kristen said...

What about letting her sleep with another sibling in a double bed or two twins pushed together?