February 4, 2013

more than enough for me

As I celebrate my 41st (gulp!) birthday today, I feel so exceedingly blessed.

A husband who is so much more than I could ever have asked for in a man.  A man after God's own heart is he.

Four mighty warriors who are learning to walk in His ways and bless me beyond words.  They are an absolute joy and a delight.

And five sweet princesses added to me from around the globe. My life is so much lovelier because they're in it.

My Jesus is more than enough for me.

And so are these with whom I have been so blessed!

So thankful for this life that He chose for me.


Susan said...

How happy you look! I hope that your birthday is a truly blessed and happy one!

Danielle Wipf said...

Hasya curled up on your lap all snuggled just melted my heart! Beautiful family!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Love the photos! Love the colors! Love the kiddos! Love the parental units! Your cup runneth over--best birthday yet!

Love YOU!

Heather said...

You are so young! To my same-day-birthday momma- it was such a moving moment tonight at the end of my yoga class when all my birthday wishes were sent to beautiful Haysa. May she find peace in the arms of her family!

Our Faith Walk said...

Happy Birthday Adeye.

May God continue to use your family and your blog to change hearts and attitudes and glorify Him...always.


Danielle said...

You inspire me! Blessings!!

Tamara Lee said...

Seeing Kael and Hasya sitting with you, part of the family, with sisters and brothers.....WOW!! Just absolutely melts me!! Love and prayers of healing for Hasya, all the way from Australia Xx

darci said...

happy happy birthday!! you have a beautiful family!! Hope your day was/is wonderful and that this year is one of God's blessing on each of you as you blend two more sweet ones in. Darci

Anonymous said...

I was looking through your archives and saw a post where Haven was diagnosed with severe farsightedness. Yet, I've seen no photos of her wearing glasses. Is she too uncomfortable with them to wear them or was the initial diagnosis incorrect? How is Haven? How has she reacted to two new siblings?