January 17, 2014

urgent prayer request

Latest update from Joshua's mom:  "Tonight is very critical for Joshua...the doctors say this is the final thing they can try--a different diuretic and an anti fungal medicine in case they are missing something and blood he got earlier. He really needs the fluid off and healing of his stiffened lungs. Tonight his oxygen has come up a little to 87 so far. Blood pressure has been a little high. Join us in praying we see some positive changes before he wears out. John and I are very exhausted and trying to taking turns watching him. Kids are at home with my mom, thankfully. THANK YOU for praying."


Army of the Living God, would you please pray for a darling little boy who is fighting for his life right now?

Joshua was adopted several years ago and has special needs.  For the last couple of weeks he has been struggling with awful pneumonia.  Things seemed to be improving, but today he has declined again.

This little boy and his precious family desperately need our prayers. 

Would you please pray for absolute HEALING, in the name of Jesus!

Please also pray for his sweet family--they are beyond exhausted and need a touch from heaven today.

Their most recent update says, "We met with the Dr today. Joshua's lungs are worse and he has a lot of edema. At risk for pneumothorax if increase vent any. They are giving him a different LASIK (given to bypass patients) to try to get fluid off, more blood as his hematocrit is low, and another anti fungal. This is basically all they can do...we should know by the end of the day if he improves or declines."

You can read Joshua's story HERE.  Standing, trusting, and storming heaven!


On bended knee we come....

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