nine beautiful years


I will never forget the day she entered our lives in 2006. The sweetest little three-year-old who loved to talk to anyone who would listen to her constant chatter. She loved life and lived it big and with much enthusiasm. Nine years later... And Hannah-Caire has blossomed into the most precious young lady.  She loves Jesus with all of her heart.  She loves His people passionately and … [Read more...]



"Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you." ~~ Jer. 29:12 God listened as He promised and the prayers of many have been answered. Summer has a family! Faithful, faithful Jesus! Thank you for praying and for believing that ALL things are possible.  Please continue to pray that her family will be able to get to her on time and that there would be no … [Read more...]



My heart breaks for all orphans. But every now and then a story ends up in my inbox that just brings me to my knees--begging the Father to intercede. They're the cries for help for children who find themselves in heartbreaking situations--desperate for a miracle. In my home is the sweetest fourteen-year-old girl you will ever meet.  Eight years ago she was sent back to her orphanage after her … [Read more...]

for this week only


Anthony and I are absolutely blown away by the outpouring of love and support over the last few weeks. In just eight weeks we leave the life that we have built in America behind and head back to where we started our journey together. Nervous? YES! Excited? Oh my goodness, YES! We're dreaming BIG and trusting our BIGGER God to do exceedingly, abundantly MORE. Doors are already opening for us in … [Read more...]



3/21 Down syndrome: Three copies of chromosome 21 instead of the usual two copies. They fill our hearts with joy indescribable. They remind us to laugh more and let the small stuff go. They make our lives so, so much sweeter than we could ever imagine possible. They teach us how to slow down and savor the moments and the memories made along the way. They have been our … [Read more...]


photo-3 copy

It's been a busy few days for my family and I am so ridiculously far behind on life.  Please forgive me for all the unanswered e-mails.  I just don't seem to have enough hours in my day in this busy season we're in. We just got home from a few wonderful days with friends in Illinois.  We shared our hearts in a church out there last Sunday.  Bigger hearts are hard to find.  For a small, country … [Read more...]

God calls the willing


Sometimes God just takes my breath away when He moves on the hearts of ordinary people and calls them to do something extraordinary--something they never saw coming. Something that will change their lives completely. I met Andrea at a swimming pool in Richmond, Virginia, in 2010.  Hailee and Harper had just come home from Ukraine, and we were adjusting to our new normal.  I think it was the … [Read more...]