our delight


Kael was born in 2004.  When he has just two years old, he was listed for international adoption.  To date, more than three thousand children have been registered for international adoption in the country of Bulgaria.  Kael was the THIRD child listed. And he waited. For more than six years he waited on a list to be chosen. Sadly, Kael waited in one of the worst mental asylums in Bulgaria … [Read more...]

because He said so


"Why would you even consider taking your family back to Africa when your children have so many more opportunities here in the States?" Why? Because there is so much more inside of us to give. Because there is so much more we're aching to do with this one life we've been given on earth. Because there are dreams and passions that GOD has burned in our hearts. And because … [Read more...]

her redemption, my new life

hassie 2

I will never forget walking with Anthony on a remote beach on the Wild Coast of South Africa in 1997.  It was our honeymoon and we were talking about all the things that we wanted for our marriage. A nice home. Financial security. Two perfectly healthy children. Just two.  That was my limit. I was that person.  I wanted the perfect life. The perfect children.  The white picket … [Read more...]

my tiny miracle girl

hailee 2

A few months ago I switched my blog over to Wordpress.  It has definitely taken some getting used to.  Unfortunately we lost a lot of comments that didn't transfer over and I recently discovered that some of my posts are missing the photos too. Slowly I've been going way back and fixing things. While looking for photos today I found this old one of my Hailee.  It was the very first one we ever … [Read more...]



Seventeen years ago, as we were about to celebrate our first year of marriage, a child was born. So precious in His sight is she.  VALUABLE. She would spend the first fifteen years of her life abandoned. She would languish. She would starve. She would go unnoticed.  Uncared for. Unloved. She would hang on by a thread...never giving up! But her God in heaven had not forsaken … [Read more...]

for such a time


In the summer of 2013 I walked into a "daycare" house in a South African township.  There I met the sweetest, most precious children you could ever imagine. Many of them reminded me of some of my own treasures. These beautiful children spend their days in conditions that are truly hard to comprehend. So much worse than the places where some of our own children spent their first years. And … [Read more...]

so much joy


My beautiful almost seventeen year old. Who thinks it's the funniest thing ever when Cody sits on her lap. Oh, to hear her laugh!  Sweet music to our ears. So much joy. God's redeeming love. A precious, precious gift from heaven. My blessed life!   … [Read more...]