Friends, we are still urgently looking for a family for precious Mabel in Uganda.  Many have inquired, but still no committed family.  Over the last few weeks, our team at PURE AND FAULTLESS has been gathering more information about her condition and her desperate need to find a family.  It's truly heartbreaking and we're stretching our faith and trusting for her miracle.  Because she matters so … [Read more...]



I never knew how much I would absolutely love being a mom. Until this guy was placed in my arms sixteen years ago.  What a precious gift I was given! No words can adequately express how much I love and treasure this son.  He is growing up to be a young man who walks in integrity and stays on the narrow road.  He has learned to give when it's hard, learned to love when love cannot be … [Read more...]

another big milestone

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Hasya's looking more and more like a teenager, we think. She's growing every month.  Our seventeen-year-old just hit forty-five pounds!  It look a little over two years, but Hasya has finally doubled in weight since coming home!  Glory hallelujah! According to the doctor's original growth estimates, she has officially hit her maximum growth potential.  Okay then.  We don't think … [Read more...]

it’s just…see you later


Today heaven gained an angel.  A friend to many.  An absolute treasure in the adoption community.  Our hearts are so tender. So many of you have prayed for my friend, Dr. Elizabeth, as I have shared her battle with cancer with you all.  I am so blessed to have known this precious woman.  She journeyed with me right from the start of our adoption of Hasya...from that first text I sent her saying … [Read more...]

a wonderful way to help!


Recently my friend, Jen, asked me whether she could host an online Trades of Hope party to benefit our new ministry, Sindisa.  If you haven't heard about Trades of Hope yet, they are incredible!  Every sale benefits women around the globe who are using their gifts and abilities to support their families, get out of poverty, and even get an education.  I love that!  I love that by purchasing … [Read more...]

this is our WHY


No matter where God leads us, no matter the passion on our hearts, we all have a why. A reason why we support the causes we do or pour our time and resources into the projects that are near and dear to our hearts. They’re the reasons why we move cities, take a short-term mission, or sow our time into the local home for teen mothers. God gives us all a why. As we get closer to our departure … [Read more...]

we’re pressing on


Just seven more weeks before we leave for South Africa!  We have so much going on as we bring our lives in America to a close.  Our friends and sending team at Pure and Faultless have been absolutely incredible in helping us to see this dream and vision that God has burned in our hearts for so many years come to fruition. What a blessing from heaven they are to us!  Last week we reached the 50% … [Read more...]