that’s a glorious victory!


Kael came from Bulgaria almost two years ago. Emaciated.  Malnourished. Too weak to stand on his skinny little legs for more than a couple of minutes. Unable to walk. It's taken months and months of hard work, the use of a walker to gain strength, and gradually finding his courage to stand on his own two feet with NO assistance. But today... ...he's getting it. One little step at … [Read more...]

making forever work


One of things people ask us a lot is, "How do you make your marriage work with many kids, special needs and very little help?" It's a fair question.  Marriage can be hard even when there are just two children at home.  I think our most challenging years of marriage were the first two.  Yikes!  Anthony was almost 39 when we got married--a confirmed, life-long bachelor.  I was an emotional mess.  … [Read more...]

a step closer


It's a big day in our embryo adoption journey.  Today we finally move forward and take a leap closer to my transfer date. It's finally time to start the medication that I need to take to prepare my body to accept our tiniest loves and give then a fighting chance of survival. First step is birth control for the next three weeks.  Yikes!  I'm being mindful to look forward and not back as I … [Read more...]

Mission: RELIEF!

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A couple of weeks ago on Thanksgiving night, I took our older kids out for some Mom time. We headed for a frozen yogurt place that we like. We got there only to discover that it was closed (it's only taken me ten years but I now know that everything shuts down on Thanksgiving!). Since we were right next door to Target, the kids decided that instead of heading home, why not just go and walk around. … [Read more...]

making all things new


Oh, this little boy of mine with his big brother.  My treasure on this earth. They said he would never learn many new things.  "Too many profound delays from years of confinement in an institution," we were told. BUT MY GOD! He truly does make all things new. This week Kael has finally hit a wonderful milestone.  One we have prayed for and trusted for. So excited to share with … [Read more...]

embryo adoption FAQ

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As many of you know, one of the ways we're sharing our embryo adoption journey is by making short videos.  We're partnering with the amazing people at Snowflake® to tell the world that these tiny lives matter so very much.  These videos will eventually be used to create an awareness of the many, many embryos who remain frozen and the blessing of embryo adoption.  For the next few videos we will be … [Read more...]

lifting up tender hearts


My heart is so heavy.  So many people struggling.  Suffering.  Walking unimaginable roads marked with pain and learning to cling to the ONE who is faithful in the storm.  Today my heart is with each one of them as the holidays approach.  I cannot imagine. I know that many of you know my friend, Dr. Elizabeth.  When we arrived home from Bulgaria two years ago, my Hasya was in such bad shape.  … [Read more...]

pondering and a winner


We have a winner! chose commenter #40 as the winner of our Thanksgiving giveaway. Emily, I will be in touch with you soon.  Congrats! Thank you to everyone who went and had a look at the work of Dawn's hands on her website, shared on FB, and liked the Funky Fish Designs FB page.  You guys are awesome! Christmas is almost here.  If you're looking for some beautiful and very … [Read more...]