August 29, 2014

our response, I'm old, and other things

I finally have a few moments to try and answer some of the questions you have asked me about our most recent journey in the Lord. 

I knew that our announcement would be met with many opinions--some very supportive and encouraging, and some not so very nice at all. Seems that our latest journey has caused quite a stir.  

On Christ the solid rock I stand!

For those of you who have reached out in love and support, I want you to know that it means the absolute world to me and my family.  You guys are such a blessing to us!

So, why in the world would Anthony and I even consider this journey?  What about all of the unknowns?  What about the big IVF debate? Or, as someone put it, "Adéye, please reconsider your decision. IVF, artificial insemination bears much bad fruit. Embryos are eliminated because there are too many, now they do sex selection, many precious girls are never born because of this. Science is not always a friend to Gods' ways. Because we/they can do something doesn't always make it right. By hosting these frozen embryos you are encouraging and playing in to the Culture of Death. Don't listen to the evil ones voice that loves to see the destruction of Gods' Precious Ones."

I thought I would share my heart on this issue. This journey to adopt embryos is NOT about IVF. That is a completely different debate. I realize that everyone has their own opinions about whether IVF is right or wrong (just as people have opinions about all things).  This is not about that!  We're not creating more embryos.  We're not playing into any "Culture of Death."  On the contrary, embryo adoption has everything to do with LIFE.  We're giving someone a chance to grow who already HAS LIFE and can become all who God has created them to be.  I can't see how our decision (and I hope many others who choose this option as a way to grow their families) to adopt embryos will encourage more people to go through IVF.  People will always do what they feel is best for their families.  Infertile couples will always turn to IVF (just as they have for many years!). IVF will always be there and so will hundreds of thousands of children who are the consequence of that.

So, as the Church--the bride of Christ who is commanded to care for the widow and the fatherless (James 1:27), what should our response be to this overwhelming problem of there being over 600,000 precious babies frozen in this country alone?  I asked the above commenter the same question.  What should we do about the frozen babies who have either been donated to fertility clinics or various organizations that accept donated embryos because the genetic family no longer wants them or their life situation changes and they cannot use them themselves? What do we do about the precious families who are reaching out to others to adopt their remaining embryos? Do we leave them there--frozen in time?  Do we just accept the fact that many will be donated to science or be "discarded" (literally thrown in the trash!)?  Do we turn a blind eye to the fact that thousands will be donated to the next scientific experiment?  What is our role in this growing problem?

If we truly believe that life begins at conception--if we believe that at that moment of fertilization we have LIFE--then these are babies.  They are LIFE.  And as the body of Christ, we are called to care for them too--just as we would any child.  I don't care how they got there.  I don't care how they were created.  I'll let God be the judge of that. I have never walked the painful road called "infertility" and I am certainly not going to judge anyone who has made their own decisions. My only response is to care deeply--even if I don't agree with how they were created.  If God ever called us to open our hearts to a child who was conceived out of rape or something else that we disagreed with, I would never, ever turn my back on them and say "No, thanks!" simply because of how they made their way into the world.  It's not the child's fault, and punishing them by not opening our hearts to them is just not the heart of my loving, gracious, merciful God at all!

Some have asked me if I shouldn't rather be a surrogate mother and give these babies back to their genetic mother. I cannot share her story.  That's hers to tell.  But I can tell you that this is her only option--the best thing she believes she can do for her babies.  The greatest gift for her would be to have a precious relationship with any live births that may come out of this adoption.  My heart longs to give her that!

And then there are these thoughts..."I believe life begins at conception too and don't believe in abortion except in really special circumstances but to me an embryo without a beating heart is secondary to the children already alive and living in orphanages. It's hard for me to think of possibly creating more special-needs children when there are so many already born and needing a family." 

And, "Why don't you just go and adopt another child who is already born?  They need families so much more than embryos."

Well, if indeed you believe that life begins at conception, then it's a CHILD.  And no, we're not "creating more special-needs children"...they're already created.  They're there!  Frozen.  Waiting to be given a chance just like any other child who is waiting in an orphanage.  These babies deserve a chance just the same as any of our other special-needs children did.  No different.  Life is matter how small!

I have also been asked often whether I'm too old to carry a child. Heck, if God called Sarah to be a mother to Isaac when she was 91, I think I'm going to make it.  I am fit, healthy, and more than able to carry a child.  I trust in my Father's sovereignty--when He calls us by name, He equips us with everything that we need for the journey--and to do it well.  Will it be easy?  Probably not. You just have to read the Bible to know that any journey that God calls us to is rarely easy...but always, always worth it!

I asked the Father for just one thing in this life...His perfect will in our lives...not the easy road.

And finally, I have been asked many times how I will feel if these babies don't survive.  So here's the thing.  I don't know what the outcome of this will be. It's different to adopting a child who you know you will hold in your arms (although, even that doesn't go according to the way we hope sometimes). I don't know whether we will have a live birth.  No clue.  These babies have already been frozen for ten years.  They have many obstacles to overcome before even one of them survives in my womb.  But once again, I trust. Completely. My peace lies in the fact that the Almighty Father is writing a beautiful story in all of our lives--no matter what that looks like.  Whether these babies have life here on earth, or fullness of life in heaven, that is in the hands of the ONE who holds all things in the palm of His hand.  Whether God is simply giving these baby's genetic mom a gift in knowing that someone is willing to try and give her special children a chance, or whether His plans and purposes for their lives are to be born, well, that's all part of the journey of faith.  

The dignity of the matters!

"The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see."  ~~ Hebrews 11:1 (The Message)

We're pressing onward--embracing all that the Father has for our family.  We're standing with arms wide open--ready and willing to do His will--no matter what, no matter when, no matter how, and no matter how difficult it may become.  

With our shaky faith, and with all of our flaws and imperfections, we'll say yes again.

We're willing. 

Everything else, we'll leave in His capable hands.

Comment moderation will always remain on.  Comments that are rude, hateful or disrespectful will never be published on my blog.  Thanks to someone who moderates for me, those comments never reach me either.

August 28, 2014

quick update--please pray!

I am so, so grateful that many of you are reaching out to Jacob.  Thank you!

Please keep praying, friends.  This family is walking an extremely tough road.  They are tired and extremely stretched right now.  Trying to take care of their son while living two hours away (and having other children at home) is very hard. Added to that the pain and emotions that go with having such a sick child--I just cannot imagine!

Jacob's mom explained to me that these weeks of chemo are such a critical time in Jacob's treatment. They have been trying to keep him as well as possible and free of any more infections. And so when I read this latest update today, my heart ached for him.

A quick update from Jacob's mom...

"Jacob was rushed back to ICU this morning around 3:00. A call from the doctor says that he has an infection in his central line. That is where the Ecoli is. They are taking his line out in hopes to get a handle on this infection. This is a HUGE set-back. Please pray!"

Poor boy has been in and out of ICU.  He just cannot seem to catch a break. Storming heaven for this young man and his family.  Thank you for joining us and for your outpouring of love, body of Christ.  It means so much to the Worthey family.

Where two or more are gathered...

August 26, 2014

a young man desperately needing encouragement

I know that many of you will remember a young man for whom I had asked you to pray a few months ago.   Jacob has such an amazing testimony--a beautiful story of redemption that God is still writing.

A few years ago the Worthey family traveled overseas to adopt a little girl.  While at the orphanage, they met a young boy (their daughter's best friend in the orphanage) who asked them, "Please, take me to America too."

And so they did.

At the beginning of this year Jacob was diagnosed with leukemia.  He has spend most of this year in the hospital--in and out of ICU as his body fought one infection after the next. He has been so, so sick. His family lives two hours away from the hospital and, needless to say, it has been a very trying time for them all.

Jacob is currently undergoing his third round of chemotherapy.  It's been tough.  I have watched him walk this road with unimaginable grace and courage for a young teenager.  He has tried hard to stay positive. Last week he told his Mom, "I hate chemo."  Poor boy.  Broke my heart!

The road ahead is very long and Jacob is going to be in the hospital for a long time still.

As I was praying for him, God put something on my heart and I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help.

I cannot imagine any of my sons enduring months and months confined to a tiny hospital room!  So hard!  Jacob is always looking for things to do and ways to keep his mind occupied.

I thought it would be such a blessing if some of us reached out and poured out some major love on him.  I asked his Mom what he needed and she gave me a list.  Can you imagine how encouraged he would be if his hospital room got flooded with gifts, notes of encouragement, and cards from strangers--the body of Christ who cares deeply when one of us needs to desperately know that God is near?

Would you and your family be willing to pick any one of the following and mail it to Jacob, please?  Any small reminder that he is loved by many and that we care so deeply would be like water poured out on a dry and thirsty land for this young man.  Jacob has no idea we're doing this.

When his Mom asked him what he would like, he came up with this list...

- Legos (the more advanced ones)
- Art supplies
- School supplies
- Anything Denver Broncos- including up-to-date posters. 
- Broncos helmet
- Board games
- Card games
- A remote control robot. 

I was thinking that gift cards to Amazon would also be fun.

Mail to:

Jacob Worthey
Room 755
Children's Hospital Colorado 
13123 E. 16th avenue.
Aurora, Colorado 80045

THANK YOU, BODY OF CHRIST!  I appreciate your help so very much.  Thank you for giving, for caring, and for encouraging a young man's tender heart.  Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

On earth as it is in heaven!

You can follow Jacob's journey HERE.

August 23, 2014

my men

Today is a very long awaited dream come true for the men in my life.


They get to watch a Bronco game!

Love these handsome guys of mine madly.

So thankful for the gifts the Father gives us.

How He LOVES to bless His children with the desires of our hearts!


August 21, 2014

life in pictures

Recently we were able to get away for a few days. 

Camping.  All of us.

How?  It's not always easy. But we make it work and we absolutely LOVE it.

As our family grew, we decided a very long time ago that we would make beautiful memories matter how hard it was.

And so we do. 


Enjoying the Father's creation.

And one another.

Two of the water lovers.

My goofy, most amazing big kids.

Growing up to be such a beautiful young lady.  Inside and out.

Because Mom said I could grow my hair for the entire summer.


Sweetest, most precious Haven.

Discussing life around the campfire.


God gave her the very best of big brothers.

One of the many water lovers in this family.

My littlests.  They're not my babies anymore.


Sweet and tender big sister.

The practical child's solution to that pesky campfire smoke.

Snoozing under the gazebo.  Heaven on earth.

You CANNOT keep this boy out of the water.

My darlings.

Holding onto her very loved doggie for dear life.

Happy young lady. 

Taking turns to play with their baby sister.  Because they're just so amazing like that!


So thankful for the opportunities God gives us to make precious memories with these GIFTS He has given us. 

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